Englisch für Fortgeschrittene
Niveau B1
Mittwoch, 15.01.2020 - 10 Abende
Kein Kurs am 26.02.20 (Aschermittwoch) und an schulfreien Tagen!
19:30 - 21:00 Uhr
Frau Trude Frigeri
Für Rückfragen zum Kurs Tel. 08081 / 1724 bzw.
Email: fritodo@gmail.com
VBW-Raum, Gewerbering 3, Osteingang
je nach Teilnehmerzahl 50,00 bis 75,00 €

Would you like to brush up your English in a friendly atmosphere with people who enjoy learning English? We are using the book "Go For It" Level B1 (Unit 3) from Hueber Verlag. This course will help you to reactivate your English which you might have forgotten an will improve your conversation skills for eveyrday situations of our modern world. We write e-mails an text massages.

By the way: If you have to miss a class, you'll receive that evening's worksheet by E-mail.

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